Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 A game about the climate...
... Currently in development!
https://www.tipes.dk/ TiPES // EU Horizon 2020 // NNF Tipping point Tiping point is a puzzle platformer, where you play as a young Climate Ranger who must reach the most remote and hazardous environments, to gather data and study the climate.

The game is part of the tipes project, funded by the eu (h2020).
The game is also funded by the novo nordisk foundation.
The game is in pre-production & set to be released by 2023.

Picture1 An atmospheric psychological horror...
... Currently in early development
Morten Brunbjerg Glacier Glacier is an atmospheric psychological horror game, based on the novel "Glacier" by Morten Brunbjerg.

The project is currently in very early development, and is funded by the Danish Film Institute.

Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 TEst your astronaut skills, send a rover to mars and learn about space! https://www.vildmedrummet.dk/opgaver/interaktive-opgaver/ https://www.vildmedrummet.dk/ DTU Space Vild med rummet https://fabulastudios.dk/dtu/astronauttesten/ https://fabulastudios.dk/dtu/rummissionen/ Try the assignments and games via the links above. They are all in danish. Vild med rummet is a website made by DTU to teach about space.
Fabula made a series of interactive assignments, where you can learn about the seasons, the phases of the moon and eclipses.
We also developed two games: "astronauttesten" and "rummissionen", where you can test your skills as an astronaut as well as build and send a rover to mars or a satellite into orbit.

the games are in danish and can also be downloaded to mobile and tablet via appstores.

Picture1 explore and discover hidden cultural heritage sites throughout the danish countryside with tidslommen, an app for the adventurous family! Museum Vestsjælland Tidslommen A location based mobile experience app in danish, developed for museum vestsjælland.

Travel to the viking age where you must craft a sacrifice for the god Tyr, at the lake tissø.
Visit a bronze age village in Trundholm Mose, where you must help assemble the famous sun chariot.
Fend of attacking pirates in Korsør, by building a defense tower.
Help the local monk at antvorskov monastery, by brewing a health elixir for the prince whom has been wounded in battle.

The project is a collab with character publishing, apex virtual entertainment, groth-østergaard and morten brunbjerg.

Picture1 as the village angakok, it is your task to embark on a spiritual journey to the mother of sea.
for she has been angered and no one else but you can make her happy once more...
The National Museum of Denmark Mother of the sea the story can be experienced in the peoples of the earth exhibition (danish and english languages),
on two wall-sized projections, by playing on a real physical analogue drum!
the project was developed by the fabula founders as an internship at the museum,
in collaboration with kathrine stone.

Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Draw cards, build your knome village, and upgrade your knomes - in your living room!
Venture out on a quest to save Arkon, your mentor, from the grasp of the tiger king.
Apex Entertainment // EU Horizon 2020
Knome Cards A prototype for an augmented reality deck-building game, set in the wonderous world of the knomes.
The project was funded by EU Horizon 2020.

Picture1 This vivid medieval landscape is packed with characters and items that have been lost, waiting to be found! Find the lost pilgrim, the brew drinking monk, the guard that can't quite let go of his past as a tourney knight, and many more! The National Museum of Denmark Hidden History Master thesis project developed for the museum's middle ages and renaissance exhibition.
Search for hidden characters and objects, both in the game and in the museum.

Picture1 ...The year is 981. one of king harold's brave warriors has passed on and must now be buried. it is your task to give your father a proper ascencion, according to both the nordic gods as well as christ... Trelleborg Viking Fortress Viking Burial ... a virtual reality experience to show trelleborg, a viking fortress built in 980.
viking burial was made as a student project with trelleborg museum, by the founders of fabula,
in collaboration with kathrine stone, kevin poulsen & Nicklas bundgaard Andersen.

Picture1 Get your move on with løb i tiden, a game where you must run to play.
in the first episode, you have to find your best friend astrid, in the midst of the english attack on copenhagen, in 1803.
LUCUS LØB I TIDEN you listen to a story on your phone, where you control the main character via your running speed.
the game comes in an episodic structure, focusing on different events in danish history.
lucus is developing the game.

We came in to develop a vertical slice of the game. We designed and implemented the UI and developed a full episode about the bombardement of copenhagen in 1803. we collaborated with lucus & Aksel køie, morten brunbjerg who wrote the story, and jesper ankarfelt who composed the score. the project is funded by the danish film institute.

Picture1 https://fabulastudios.dk/genforeningen/dilemmakids1920/ Try it via the link above. The experience is in danish and in german. Den slegviske samling Dilemma 1920 dilemma 1920 is a project developed for den slesvigske samling in collaboration with groth-østergaard animation.
it presents different scenarios and dilemmas that the citizens of the slesvig area faced in 1920 during the referendum of becoming part of either the danish or german nations.

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